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Roofing systems | Technologies of installation of copper roofs

     A lot of new has come to technology of the device or installation of copper roofs. Have appeared закаточные machines and the complete sets of the manual tool intended for the device double standing of seams from copper it is direct on roofs. Use of this complete set sharply raises quality of works on installation copper standing seam a roof. Now many details for a copper roof are made industrially. In result steady hermetic sealing of a roofing seam even is provided at the minimal biases of a roof.

     To a basis the roof from copper fastens special klammers. They provide indemnification of a thermal motion of the roof, connected with seasonal differences of temperatures. Standing and mobile klammers allow to lay all covering without a uniform aperture, i.e. to carry out installation of a copper roof ideally. It is necessary to note, that many, for example goffered, roofing materials fasten to a basis with the help adaptations through punching a covering. In these cases a serious problem the durability of materials, waterproofing  represents a place of fixture.

     The quantity of seams in a modern copper roof is much less, than, for example, in a roof from roofing iron: copper is delivered in rolls, and roofing sheets - cards can be length up to 15 m. Hence, the quantity of cross-section seams at manufacturing and the device of a roof from copper is reduced.

     All these innovations, certainly, influence and terms of work on installation of a copper roof, and on reduction of a total cost of a roof.

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