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About the company

     Building company " EuroKROV " is the rallied collective possessing a significant operational experience and necessary professional skills in sphere of construction copper кровель and the device of ventilated facades. Optimum building decisions allow us to find application of modern technologies and with shine to embody them during a life. We have the big resource base, high technical training and the professional personnel that allows us to work with expensive roofing and front materials.
     Modern materials for facades and roofs, submitted in our company, first of all, are capable to embody in shape of your house a harmonious combination of the major aspects - reliability and beauty.

The basic directions of activity of the company are roofing and front works:

  • Installation of a copper roof and water-drain systems
  • Repair of roofs from copper
  • Manufacturing copper standseam roof and a tile
  • The device of a roof from natural and old copper
  • The device of a soft roof from a copper bitumen tile
  • Manufacturing and installation of ventilated facades from copper
  • Complete set of object roofing and front materials

     All roofing and front works are made according to the international quality standards, roofing works are carried out with application of the modern building equipment. It provides stability of the company, serves as the high quality guarantor of roofing company roofing and front works and trust of the consumer.
     And if after decades someone's sight will stop on a noble roof or an expressive facade and in a head of the descendant will fly an idea: " Built earlier! ", means, you were not mistaken in the choice.

Assembling dept.:
Phone: (495) 725-04-77


Russia, Moscow, MKAD 60km, 4a

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