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Precious copper roofs
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     The history shows, that if at a choice of a material for the device of a roof or a facade of the house you have stopped on copper you have made this choice not only for yourselves, but also for children and even for grandsons. For anybody not a secret, that copper is a unique roofing or front material which choose for the house once and for ever. Unsurpassed in durability, beauty and nobleness, copper - a unique roofing material which actually improves with the years.

     Majestic "ageing" or process natural rusting copper, not only improves appearance of a copper roof or a facade, but also protects metal from oxidation. About durability and reliability copper roofs legends go.  Almost all of a roof from the copper, qualitatively constructed ever, to this day reliably serve the owners, bearing warmly and a cosiness in their families.

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